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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionManufacturerPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
HCS-16-MHYDRO-STRUT CLAMP BODY TO 1" MAXHydrocraft$2.84Call for Availability.   
HCS-32-MHYDRO-STRUT CLAMP BODY TO 2" MAXHydrocraft$4.42Call for Availability.   
WS-08WALKER-STRUT CLAMP FOR TUBE 1/2Hydrocraft$1.96Call for Availability.   
WS-10WALKER-STRUT CLAMP FOR TUBE 5/8Hydrocraft$2.02Call for Availability.   
WS-12WALKER-STRUT CLAMP FOR TUBE 3/4Hydrocraft$2.27Call for Availability.   
WS-16WALKER-STRUT CLAMP FOR TUBE 1"Hydrocraft$2.74Call for Availability.   
WS-20WALKER-STRUT CLAMP FOR TUBE 1-1/4Hydrocraft$3.33In stock   
WS-24WALKER-STRUT CLAMP FOR TUBE 1-1/2Hydrocraft$3.91Call for Availability.   
WS-24PWALKER-STRUT CLAMP FOR 1-1/2 PIPEHydrocraft$6.57Call for Availability.   
WS-48PWALKER-STRUT CLAMP FOR 3" PIPEHydrocraft$13.66Call for Availability.