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 Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionManufacturerPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
32SFOSplit flange Code 61Anchor Fluid Power$17.30In stock   
F6027Square Tabbed Flange/ Non Horn WireBSM North America$80.80Call for Availability.   
FL4SU1250SSKSAE 4 Bolt Flg 1-1/4" C.61-KITDMIC$41.44Call for Availability.   
FLST20S6215C62STEP FLNG 2"STD 62>1-1/2"C0MPDMIC$594.38Call for Availability.   
FLST35S6130C61STEP FLNG 3-1/2"STD C61>3"COMPDMIC$565.30Call for Availability.   
FSH1500SKSplitFlg Kit 1-1/2" Steel C.62DMIC$65.38Call for Availability.   
FSH2000SKSplitFlg Kit 2" Steel C.62DMIC$97.14In stock   
FSL1250SKSplitFlg Kit 1-1/4" Steel C.61DMIC$20.25Call for Availability.   
FSL2000SKSplitFlg Kit 2" Steel C.61DMIC$40.09Call for Availability.   
FSL3000SKSplitFlg Kit 3" Steel C.61DMIC$82.20Call for Availability.   
FWICH2000SNSktWeld Comp 2" C.62 - PipeDMIC$127.11Call for Availability.   
FWISH2000SNSktWeld Flg 2" C.62 - PipeDMIC$127.10Call for Availability.   
SSE30SM30NF11Special -NPT Female 90° to C61DMICN/A
SSW15W415S11Swivel Socket Weld Adapter 1-1DMIC$53.33Call for Availability.   
SSW30W430S11Swivel Socket Weld Adapter 3"DMIC$72.06Call for Availability.